Stay Aligned guidelines and rules:

  • Please be punctual.
  • Please ensure we can read your name clearly on Zoom.
  • We take your privacy and security very seriously. If you are uncomfortable with being seen in the video during the mediation/session, please ensure you make visible a photo of yourself. This is to protect the group from spammers.
  • Participants will be admitted to each Zoom session via the waiting room. The room will be locked shortly after the session begins and will remain locked to ensure the class is uninterrupted.
  • If your internet connection breaks down during meditation or if you wish to leave the meeting for any reason, please leave a message on the Zoom chat or via the WhatsApp group. This is so that we know you are OK.
  • After the meditation, silence will be maintained and the host will bring the meeting to a close. This is the best way to integrate the experience and bring a sense of stillness and calm into the rest of the day.
  • After the session, please feel free to use our WhatsApp page to share any thoughts or feedback about the session.
  • Any offensive or inappropriate messages will be removed and the admin may remove offenders permanently from the group.
  • If you have any complaints or wish to share any thoughts please contact

Stay Aligned Terms & Conditions:

Privacy Notice:

We take your privacy seriously, and will never pass on your details to anyone else.

Refund POLICY & TERMS and condition:

Once you have paid there will be no refunds if your circumstances do not allow you to attend the classes. If the classes are cancelled we will refund you the amount paid.

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