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Stay Aligned

Meditation, Mindfulness, Body Awareness & Creativity

"Meditation is sitting still right in the middle of your life, accepting that this moment has already arrived, and it is what it is."

Jon Wilde

Welcome to Stay Aligned

Anyone who has tried to meditate knows that, 

for a beginner, it isn’t easy.

We may question our progress and feel confused

as we come face to face with our restless mind.

Many of us may even begin to question

whether we’re doing it properly.

For that reason, it’s important that we have

a teacher to guide us.

Join us now!

3 months start-up programme ONLY £30


When does it start & How does it work?

Stay Aligned Beginners start

on the 14th of September 2020!

Weekly sessions are available every

Monday & Thursday

from 6:30 pm to 7:15 pm UK time

The meditations are fully guided and are suitable for beginners and more experienced meditators alike.

This self-exploration journey through mindfulness,

meditation, EFT, body awareness & personal growth

requires patience, self-compassion, commitment

and motivation, and a willingness to be open to change.

But don’t worry.

All that is part of the grounding process which is

where your journey of self-transformation really begins.



I started with stay aligned at the peak of lockdown in 2020 and regularly attend the sessions.
I have been identified as extremely vulnerable and spent the first 13 weeks of lockdown indoors only going into my garden for fresh air.
Even though I have been able to go outside, I remain anxious about this and am often fearful and worried or myself, my family and friends and the future.
Stay aligned has helped me so much to stay grounded, reduce my anxiety, relax and I think with a clear calm mind.
I look forward to seeing other members during our zoom sessions.
Stay aligned has undoubtedly become an important part of my life, words cannot express how valuable, meaningful and important they are. Your ❤️ Joanne.

Photo by Barbara Ferreira

The daily meditations run by Maria and Jon have made such a huge impact on both my daily life and my weekly routine, which has been fundamental to my wellbeing during the lockdown, a difficult time for us all. Maria and Jon have such talent and compassion, their different approaches complementing each other perfectly. Not only have they brought calmness, stillness and contentment into my life, they have also created a fantastic community of beautiful people. The connection we all share has fabricated a network of support and hope for us as a collective.Thank you both for your sharing your time and talents and for bringing us all comfort and peace.

All my love, Claire.

Photo by Barbara Ferreira

I struggle to regulate my mood, thoughts and emotions.

I was particularly concerned about how I could be in control during the lockdown period when you're forced to go inwards and work on yourself.

I had dabbled with mindful meditation before, I'm convinced of its benefits but I knew my biggest challenge was a regular practice, finances,

and that I get bored really easily.

I've been a part of the Stay Aligned community, meditating with

Maria and Jon every day for the past 6 weeks now and what a

difference it's made in the quality of my days.

I've made some incredible breakthroughs in my thought patterns and found profound levels of awareness, presence, acceptance, affection, attentiveness,

self-love, growth and clarity through a variety of meditative tools and spiritual, philosophical, and poetic nuggets that are introduced to us every day.

I think there were many wellbeing concepts that I'd read about previously and understood intellectually but that was barely 10% of what I now count as knowing. I learn more each day by doing the practice and being present.

I'm very grateful to Maria and Jon for creating and generously holding this space for me to help me sustain my attention and cultivate an essential daily habit of mindfulness practice.


Photo by Barbara Ferreira

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